09/11/2012 11:39 am ET

'Parks And Recreation': Rob Lowe Talks Chris Traeger's Catchprase 'Literally'

It's no secret Chris Traeger has mastered the art of the word "literally," but Rob Lowe says he came about his "Parks And Recreation" catchphrase by accident.

“I think I just leaned into that word really hard a couple of times and it made [showrunner Mike Schur] laugh,” Lowe told Vulture. “The next thing you know it just became one of Chris’s things, but it was never designed that way. It was merely a word in a sentence. I think I just took a really big, probably very embarrassing swing at it and it stuck.”

Chris Traeger may be famous for a catchphrase or two -- he also has a knack for saying "Anne Perkins" (Rashida Jones) in the perkiest of tones -- but Aubrey Plaza, who plays April Ludgate, is famous for her portrayal of a full-on weirdo.

"I want people to be confused by my character," Plaza said of the deadpan April Ludgate. "And also have a feeling of not knowing if you want to strangle me to death or kiss me really hard."

"Parks And Recreation" returns to NBC on Thurs., Sept. 20 at 9:30 p.m. ET

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