09/11/2012 09:58 am ET

'Spartacus' Final Season Takes Shape: Bigger, Bolder, Bloodier (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Every year, Starz's "Spartacus" ups the ante, and the new season -- the drama's final go-round -- is no exception.

In HuffPost TV's exclusive video above, the show's producers, technical wizards and actors talk about the epic new sets and the massive battles the show has built for its January return.

Gone are the days when Spartacus and his band of brothers were locked inside their ludus or skulking around Capua: The gladiators and their followers, who have rebelled against the Roman system of slavery, are taking their show on the road. In "Spartacus: War of the Damned," we'll also see the snazzy villa of Marcus Crassus, a wealthy new character, in addition to cities, towns and encampments. We'll witness massive battles between the slaves and the Romans sent to quell their rebellion. Glimpses of all those sets and some of those upcoming scenes can be seen in the exclusive video above.

"This season especially, I would hate to waste an episode since we only have 10 to wrap up the story," creator Steven S. DeKnight told HuffPost TV in a June interview. "And I can tell you, production-wise, it's a huge challenge because every single episode is just gigantic."

Before the gladiators hang up their swords for good, the "Spartacus" team is burning to bring its loyal audience something pretty epic, as you can see at the tail end of this video.

"Spartacus" returns for its final season in January on Starz.