09/11/2012 11:23 am ET

Terrance Bonney Allegedly Calls 911 On Barack Obama, Has Picture Of President With Noose Around Neck

He may be a conservative, but he's pretty liberal when it comes to calling 911.

Orange County resident Terrence Bonney, 53, called emergency services several times on Saturday to complain about President Barack Obama. The president was visiting Central Florida that day, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

After his first call, Secret Service agents were alerted to Bonney's behavior and responded to his home. They searched his house but didn't find any threats, so they left. That is, until Bonney called 911 several more times to complain.

While he was being arrested, Bonney allegedly told officers that he had a photo of Obama with a noose around his neck, but "did not intend on hurting the president," according to a police report obtained by the paper.

"It's like I shot JFK," Bonney allegedly said during his booking, according to WKMG. "I guess you can't threaten the president."

Neighbors said Bonney is regularly threatening everyone nearby, and that the picture of Obama is the least of their worries. WKMG obtained photos of Bonney's lawn ornaments, defiled with swastikas.

Bonney was charged with misusing 911.



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