09/12/2012 09:04 am ET

Tesla Cannon: Can A Portable Tesla Coil Gun Light Up A Lightbulb? (VIDEO)

Ever wonder what happens when someone gets shot with a 10,000-volt Tesla cannon?

Fortunately -- since we're not curious enough to try it ourselves -- we have online comic creator Matt Inman and his friend internet celebrity Matt Harding to test it out. Harding, who acts as the test subject in the video, holds a fluorescent light tube as Inman lines up the portable device and prepares to shoot.

As Discovery News reports, the cannon appears to be a portable Tesla coil. When the electricity shoots from the gun-like device, it follows the path of least resistance through Harding's body.

As for what happens next, you'll just have to watch the video yourself to find out. (Though Harding is smiling, he assured everyone watching on Youtube that the shock did indeed hurt.)

The Tesla coil is named after its inventor, Serbian-American engineer Nikola Tesla, and is thought to be one of Tesla's most famous inventions and biggest contributions to society. The high-frequency transformer is able to discharge a high amount of voltage in an electrical arc.