09/11/2012 01:15 pm ET

Tracy Moutafis, Mom, Dances To 'Celebration' At Her Kids' School Bus Stop (VIDEO)

Parents experience many emotions when school starts up -- nostalgia, stress, a measured amount of expectation... Tracy Moutafis, a mother of two from Framingham, Mass., is straight-up joyful.

For the past four years, Moutafis has performed a "happy dance" to commemorate the first day of school, GMA reports. She pulls out all the stops, dancing as she bids farewell to sons George and Angelo, now 11 and 9, on their first day.

The act had already turned Moutafis into a neighborhood celebrity, but this year a video of her dance, set to "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang also went viral.

"[It was] the first day of school, and I said,' I'm going to do something fun,'" Moutafis told GMA.

Why does she do it? Moutafis says she looks forward to summer's end because once school starts, she gets "lots of mommy time."

Her audience gets into the act too. Moutafis told WXOW that the bus driver gave her a thumbs up, and that luckily, her sons approve. As GMA points out, many kids would be embarrassed by a parent dancing in the street in a way that George and Angelo are not.

Of course, compared to Utah dad Dale Price, Moutafis' dance is hardly the most mortifying way to say goodbye. For an entire school year, Price dressed up as a different character -- a mermaid, a bride, a leprechaun -- to see his 16-year-old son off.