09/11/2012 02:26 pm ET Updated Nov 11, 2012

Treasure Island Radiation: San Francisco Wants State To Conduct New Investigation

This article comes to us courtesy of The Bay Citizen.


San Francisco will ask the state to conduct its own investigation of the cleanup of radioactive waste on Treasure Island, after receiving complaints that contractors hired by the U.S. Navy might have mishandled contaminated material.
"We would like (state officials) to go out and conduct independent scans," Michael Tymoff, project director for the city's Treasure Island Development Authority, said in an interview.

Tymoff said his office is preparing a formal request for the California Department of Public Health to conduct a new study, and he will provide more details to the Board of Supervisors during a hearing today.

San Francisco has asked the agency "to provide assistance in addressing concerns about radioactive contamination at Treasure Island," a state health department spokesman, Ken August, confirmed in an email, adding that the agency has asked San Francisco to provide more specifics about the proposed independent survey.

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