09/11/2012 01:33 pm ET Updated Sep 11, 2012

William Davis III Asks For Death Penalty For Fabiana Malave's Rape And Murder In Florida

A convicted rapist and murderer again told a Florida court that it would be "rather asinine" if he received anything less than the death penalty.

William Davis III raped and murdered Fabiana Malave after abducting her from the car dealership where she worked in 2009. On Monday, for the second time, Davis said in Sanford that he should be put to death for the brutal killing of 19-year-old Malave.

"Quite frankly I think that it's rather asinine for anybody who's in this position to actually be given the alternative of life in prison," Davis said, according to WFTV.

Last month, the 34-year-old said: "If you recommend life in prison for me, it's a mistake," during the sentencing phase, according to Click Orlando.

Threatening Malave with a knife, Davis forced her to go to his home where he raped and strangled the teen, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Seminole County deputies found Davis with her body covered by a garbage bag and blanket in his SUV.

His defense team tried to avoid the death penalty by claiming Davis was mentally insane during the trial. The jury rejected that argument and instead found him guilty of first-degree murder and rape, among other charges, in May.

In a surprise move, Davis changed course after his conviction and said he didn't deserve to live. In August, the jury agreed and recommended capital punishment for Davis. Circuit Judge John Galluzzo will announce Davis' fate in December, the Sentinel said.



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