09/12/2012 10:43 am ET

9 Different Opinions On How Many Sex Partners Men Should Have


Respondents to the recent survey by SeekingArrangement.com that pronounced 10 the ideal number of partners for a woman also deemed it the ideal for men. Equality!


Heidi Muller of AskMen asks, "Would you honestly tell a woman that you had bedded over 20 women, or would you be ashamed?" Interestingly, she also advises that when queried by their girlfriends, men shouldn't "give a ballpark figure like 'somewhere between 15 and 30'; that's like women saying 'it's somewhere between two and 17.'" It's not completely clear from this what the male-to-female sex conversion factor is — how many partners for a dude is equal to one for a woman?

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