09/12/2012 05:45 pm ET Updated Sep 13, 2012

Belle Isle Renderings Miss The Mark, Detroit Photoshop Team Needs Some Help (PHOTOS)

When Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and Detroit Mayor Dave Bing made the announcement that the state intended to lease the city's prized island park, they unwittingly provided us politicos with some comic relief.

The plan to hand operation of Belle Isle over to the Department of Natural Resources for 30 years in exchange for upkeep and maintenance was accompanied by protests from some over the $10 entry fee (per car, for an annual state park pass) and over the increasing influence the state has in the city.

Their plan was accompanied by some wacky renderings of possible improvements to the park, originally designed by Frederick Law Olmsted.

While some may have been content to hear about plans for necessary improvements like updated bathrooms, cleared trails and new pavement, the City sought to step up its game with visual representations. So, they provided some oddly-Photoshopped renderings, complete with awkwardly happy family members, stray birds and questionable font choices.

(To be fair, we aren't quite sure this is Photoshop, and we half hope they're using a more cumbersome program.)

Some may disagree about the benefits of the state operating Belle Isle, but we believe everyone can unite behind the silliness of these renderings for its planned improvements, never mind how badly we might desire upgrades. Feast your eyes on the renderings below ... and here's hoping the designers and builders of any new amenities have a little more finesse.

Think you can do better? Or are you inspired to go for broke and create even more awkward park renderings? Email us images of your visions for an updated Belle Isle!

Belle Isle Renderings Miss The Mark