09/12/2012 08:27 am ET Updated Sep 12, 2012

Charles Manson And His Followers Spotlighted On 'Twisted' (VIDEO)

"Twisted" took a look into the world of Charles Manson, the cult leader, who, along with his followers, were sent to prison for committing multiple murders. Originally sentenced to death, a law temporarily abolishing the death penalty gave him instead a life sentence. The special interviewed Barbara Hoyt, who had lived on Manson's ranch but did not take part in the murders.

She said Manson drew people in by preaching about the end of everything. "The end of the world’s a good draw. A lot of churches preach that," she said. Even talking about it today, after all these years, left Hoyt visibly shaken.

"I’ve never gotten past what they did," she admitted.

The special also delved into Manson's musical aspirations. ABC News reported that at least one store in Hollywood is selling a new album of his material. The article goes on to say that Manson, now 77, won't get any money from the sales. The store's owner, Manuel Vazquez, said he is selling the album to make a statement. He believes Manson never received a trial -- not necessarily that he is innocent.

"Twisted" profiles shocking true stories every Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on ID.

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