09/12/2012 12:37 pm ET Updated Sep 12, 2012

FAA Says 'Blue Ice' From Plane Not Responsible For Holes In Two Long Island Roofs (VIDEO)

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Did poop fall from the sky again? The Federal Aviation Administration says no. Angry homeowners say yes.

The FAA concluded Wednesday that mysterious holes found in the roofs of two Valley Stream, N.Y., homes were not caused by frozen waste from an airplane flying overhead. In fact, the FAA insisted, the holes were not caused by a plane at all, NBC reported. (See the video above.)

A repairman working on one of the damaged homes found a brown, wet stain in the attic, generating suspicion that the leaking contents of an airline toilet froze and plummeted through the roof, CBS reported earlier. The FAA politely calls it blue ice, but it's nothing more than a turd from a steel bird.

Now neighboring homeowners Ann Grace and Lois Farella are on the hook for thousands of dollars to fix the damage, NBC said. Grace told the network she believes the debris came from a jet, and she wants the FAA to accept responsibility. Farella also referred to the "blue ice" theory. The FAA, which examined the homes twice, said there were no planes on a flight path over the two Long Island homes when the incident was said to have happened.

Still, the circumstance brought to mind a February incident in which liquid thought to be excrement from a jet rained on a Long Island couple in Malverne. Only this time there was structural damage.

“It’s a very huge hole," Grace said to CBS. "It did a lot of damage through heavy wood. I can’t imagine if it hit a person. Farella said she was told she will need a new roof.

Both Grace and Farella heard a bang at 3:30 a.m. Sunday morning, according to reports. There was no wind or rain, and cops ruled out a break-in at one home.

"We'd like an explanation," Farella said to NBC. "What could it be?"



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