09/12/2012 03:48 pm ET Updated Sep 12, 2012

Glenn Beck On Muslim Rioters In Libya: 'These People Are Animals' (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck cited religion when he condemned the Muslim rioters who attacked the U.S. embassy in Libya, resulting in the death of four Americans, on Wednesday.

Chris Stevens, the American ambassador to Libya, and three other embassy employees were killed when protesters and gunmen stormed the consulate on Tuesday evening. President Obama condemned the attack and mourned the deaths of the four officials.

It was initially believed that an anti-Islam film endorsed by Florida pastor Terry Jones sparked the recent violence in Libya. Later, U.S. officials told news outlets that the deadly attack may have actually been planned in advance.

On Wednesday, Beck concluded that the attacks showed that his ominous warnings about the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood were coming true. Later, he spoke directly to the rioters.

"These people are animals," he declared. "You say a damn word about them, they kill you. I'm sorry, I don't respect you as a human being or your religion if that's the way you behave. You're an animal."

Beck continued, "You start to go in and you believe killing people for their point of view is reasonable, you have no other category other than an animal that needs to be caged or destroyed, period."

He said that protesters believe "there is no other god than Allah."

"Oh yes, there is my friend," Beck threatened on Wednesday. "...and if we still have the protection of divine providence, if we haven't moved so far off of reality and away from God, you're about to meet the god of Abraham."

Though Beck appeared to be referencing Judeo-Christian traditions, his mention of the prophet Abraham missed the mark. Muslims actually revere Abraham and consider themselves — along with Christians and Jews — to be children of the prophet.



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