09/12/2012 07:01 am ET Updated Sep 12, 2012

'Go On': Ryan Ends Up With More Than A Dozen Cats After Trying To Help Sonia With Her Issues (VIDEO)

Matthew Perry's "Go On" settled into its regular Tuesdays-at-9pm-Eastern timeslot with its second episode -- and second episode of the week. This episode turned the spotlight onto another member of Perry's character Ryan's grief therapy group. Sonia had been struggling to assert herself in her relationship, so Ryan convinced her to cut the guy loose.

Lauren -- the actual therapist of the group -- warned Ryan about doing this, but he promoted action over emotion. The problem is that Sonia took the idea of getting a cat to help with her loneliness and rode it straight to crazy.

When Lauren was going to stop by to check up on Sonia, Sonia dropped off a half-dozen cats at Ryan's house so Lauren wouldn't think she had a problem. But even that wasn't all of them. She'd divided them among almost the entire group, but inevitably they all wound up with Ryan.

So Ryan had to admit he didn't have all the answers, leaving Lauren to deal with Sonia while he dealt with the cats. In the end, the group decided to keep one of the cats as a shared pet to help them with bonding and coming together.

"Go On" seems to have come together nicely, with the NY Post declaring it "maybe the best new sitcom of the fall."

Tune in for the next session of "Go On," Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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