09/12/2012 03:17 pm ET

HuffPost Book Club: What The Fuku?

This week we're discussing pages 114-165 of the Junot Diaz book "The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao," and we're very excited to dive deeper into Beli's life, including the dreaded fuku that we've had glimpses of throughout the whole book.

So far we've been able to discuss Oscar and his own relationship to his Dominican background: Are the stereotypes correct? Is he a nerd or a geek? Who are the strong influences in his life? But within this week's chapters, we get to see where this background actually comes from. We get to see his mother's history firsthand.

Join us today at 4pm when we discuss Beli's Dominican Republic, particularly the fuku, or curse, that had such an influence on her early days, as well as Oscar's life. We'll feature our favorite comments from the last week and will ask you how much of his mother's past you think has influenced Oscar's life and whether fuku is real or not.

When Beli was a teenager, the usual teenage feelings of being trapped and wanting more freedom, were magnified by the pervasive climate of repression from the dictatorship. If you misbehave, not only you get grounded; you may get killed or "disappeared." Try to imagine your teenage years under a repressive government that spies on your private life.” - asemeco

Reading Part 2, I almost feel like the tables are turned; I'm a male reader, relating to the teenage angst of Lola, having to live in the shadow of her mother in a way Oscar didn't. - PM62

As always, leave us a comment on our discussion page and tell us what you think and let us know if you'd like to join the chat next week.

See you at 4pm! Happy reading, everyone.