09/12/2012 03:20 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kevin Durant To Skip Bayless: 'U Brainwashing These People'

Skip Bayless has made another enemy.

The ESPN "personality" practiced some studio chair psychology on Tuesday, attempting to divine the motivations and implications of a few practice sessions between basketball superstars. The latest target of sports' foremost fomenter of feuds is three-time NBA scoring champion Kevin Durant. Bayless chided him -- during an episode of "First Take" as well as on Twitter -- for working out with LeBron James before preseason training camp begins.

The Oklahoma City Thunder star reportedly fired back with a tweet of his own but quickly deleted it. As is the case with most tweets deleted by high-profile folks on Twitter, Durants words were retweeted and could still be found in the timelines of his followers. ESPN also showed the original tweet (see video below) during a follow-up "First Take" segment on Wednesday.

Bayless continued to call out Durant a few hours later via Twitter, telling the Olympic champion that he shouldn't be friends with his "primary rival" and that he must get under his skin.

On Wednesday morning, Bayless dedicated a segment to his theory that James "owns" Durant on "First Take" and insisted that he is "just trying to help" the 23-year-old.



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