09/12/2012 02:30 pm ET

Mike Francesa Sleeping? WFAN Host Seems To Fall Asleep During Interview With Sweeny Murti (VIDEO)

One of New York City's loudest sports radio personalities was unusually quiet during an interview on Wednesday morning.

WFAN radio host Mike Francesa, a polarizing and omnipresent fixture of the New York sports talk landscape, had New York Yankees beat reporter Sweeny Murti on his show to talk about the three-team AL East race. As Murti talked about the Yankees' chances of winning the division, Francesa appeared to fall asleep. His head dipped and he slightly slumped forward and to his right.

Nearly a minute into the clip above, Francesa suddenly lifted his head and sure seemed to have the wide-eyed look of someone who fell asleep on the job. To his credit, he also seemed to wake up at the right time, just as Murti wrapped up his point.

"Alright we're talking with Sweeny, obviously, as we get ready for uh, a trip to Boston," Francesa said after appearing to silently mouth something to someone else in the studio with him.

Not surprisingly to those who listen to Francesa, he seems far more peaceful when it comes to talking about the Yankees as opposed to the Mets.

Of course, Francesa's Twitter alter-ego denied falling asleep.



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