09/13/2012 08:39 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Tech-Savvy Design Tips: How To Incorporate New Gadgets Into Your Home (VIDEO)

New and exciting technologies seem to be popping up around us every single day. From Apple's new iPhone 5 introduction to announcements for several recent tablet products on the market, there's always something bigger and better to buy. But have you ever considered the ways you can amp up the tech level of your home? In this video, Marissa Marcantonio from The Editor At Large, visits the Crestron showroom in New York City and learns about the current amazing options that are available to incorporate some pretty flashy capabilities in your home's design.

From tighter security control to the ability to coordinate lighting and climate so that you'll have lower energy bills, these gadgets seem to be able to do it all. We were most impressed to hear showroom manager Brian Celli explain the ability to install heated driveways at ski homes so that accumulated snow will melt at the press of a button. And now we're super jealous that we don't have that feature at our places (the idea of not shoveling snow this winter sounds heavenly). Check out the full video to learn more about the cool tech-savvy features available for your home.

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