09/12/2012 12:28 pm ET

'The Master' Premiere In New York: Amy Adams, Allison Williams, And Adrien Brody (PHOTOS)

Following Harvey Weinstein's decision to ramp up security amidst reports of angry, strange calls from Scientologists, Paul Thomas Anderson's highly anticipated film "The Master" premiered in New York on Tuesday without a hitch.

The film has continued to be regarded as a loose depiction of the controversial religion, despite denials from Anderson and stars of the movie.

Anderson recently sat down with HuffPost's own Mike Hogan to discuss the "The Master" and the film's complex relationships. When asked if there was something about loners that appealed to the director when creating characters, Anderson answered:

Sure, I suppose. Not to get philosophical but we're all kind of loners though, ultimately. You can have family, can have lots of friends, but ultimately we're all here passing through this thing. How much can we hang on to other people? These are things everybody goes through. But I don't know. I'm attracted to these kinds of characters. Not quite sure why, but they make for good stories that I like to tell.

Amy Adams, Justin Long, and Adrien Brody were among the many stars in attendance at Ziegfeld Theatre.

For photos of the event, click through below:

New York Premiere Of "The Master"