09/12/2012 06:18 am ET Updated Sep 12, 2012

'The Week The Women Went' Finale: Experiment Leads One Dad To Want To Move His Family (VIDEO)

"The Week the Women Went" finally reached the day the women came back with its season finale, with lots of hugs and tears from everyone. The women had a lot of fun on their vacation, while the guys proved they could step up and take care of their families. But they'd much rather do it together.

For one family, the revelation of how important time is led to a drastic change. Stephen Love really cherished the time he spent with his family over the week, but in doing so he realized how much time he'd lost already. Love works two hours from his home, and while the couple had talked about moving before, his wife, Jennifer, had been reluctant.

"Think about how much you missed the kids all week and I have to do that every week," he told her.

"I understand now more of what he’s going through, so I’m definitely ready for us to be together as a family," Jennifer said in a confessional later. So the family did just that, moving to Columbia, South Carolina so Love could be close to his work and his family, too.

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