09/13/2012 04:06 pm ET

Age Discrimination Keeping Boomers From Employment

The Great Recession has dealt its fare share of setbacks, but some would argue boomers have been hit significantly harder than the rest of the nation, especially with news that older unemployed workers are less likely to get hired again.

"These are experienced, well-educated people, so why is it impossible for them to find jobs?" asked HuffPost Live host Nancy Redd.

Redd spoke with a panel to discuss just how much of post 50 unemployment has to do with age discrimination. The Huffington Post's unemployment reporter Arthur Delaney said there is "near unanimity" among the older workers he speaks to who say they believe their age is hurting them. To hear more of the conversation -- and stories of post 50s who have been pushed out of their jobs -- watch the video above.