09/13/2012 11:54 am ET

Who's Apple Copying Now? 5 Companies Aped To Create New iPhone Features

Ever since Apple's $1 billion legal win over Samsung for creating tablets and smartphones too similar to Apple's iconic iPad and iPhone, we've been on a sharper lookout for all the ways Apple may have copied other companies' ideas.

So forgive us for again noticing, while tuning into the big iPhone 5 unveiling in San Francisco on Wednesday, the supposedly "revolutionary" features of Apple's new smartphone that really aren't all that original. While were not claiming that Apple violated patents held by Google or Nokia, it's hard to ignore the fact that several features in Apple's latest phone look familiar.

Browse our gallery (below) to see some of the features Apple appears to have aped from other companies. Then, visit our big news page for all our coverage of the iPhone 5, including photos and features of the new device, as well as a look at how it compares to the Galaxy S3 and to the iPhone 4S.

5 Companies Apple Aped