09/13/2012 11:53 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

5-Month-Old's Hilariously Awkward Passport Photo

Pictures taken for passports, driver's licenses and other forms of ID are often unflattering -- but this awkward photo of a 5-month-old baby might be in a class by itself.

Dad JorgeChurano posted the meme-worthy pic to Reddit on Thursday with the caption, "My wife took our 5 month old son to get his first passport photos taken -- NAILED IT!"

Other Redditors quickly started riffing on the picture, photoshopping the baby into different situations and even trying out pencil-and-paper renditions.

JorgeChurano explained that his family needed passport photos because they might be moving from Canada to South America. He also clarified: "this [was] one of the outtake shots."

If they do move, we look forward to hearing about how they all handle the plane ride.

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