09/13/2012 09:58 am ET Updated Sep 14, 2012

Christopher Manacci, Ohio Man, Saves Same Stranger Twice, 8 Years Apart (VIDEO)

To have your life saved once by a complete stranger is unusual in itself, but to be saved twice by the same stranger is nothing short of miraculous.

Fox News reported the curious tale of Christopher Manacci, an Ohio man who came to the rescue of Gerald Gronowski, not once, but twice in an eight year time span.

On Saturday, Manacci was driving along Washington Street in Ohio's Auburn Township, when he encountered a van pulling a fishing boat inching along the side of the road with a flat tire.

“I dropped my wife off and decided that I’d bring him a can of Fix-a-Flat for his tire so he could make it to a gas station,” Manacci, who is a nurse practitioner, told Fox News.

When Manacci pulled up behind the van with his emergency lights on, Gronowski -- the owner of the van -- and his young son were already standing outside.

Suddenly, a speeding truck hurtled toward them and struck Manacci's car. The truck became airborne, skidding along on two tires and missing the men by a mere three feet.

Thanks to the position of Manacci's car, no one was hurt. The State Highway Patrol charged the driver of the truck with drunk driving, reported

Gronowski thanked Manacci and recalled how eight years earlier, he'd been helped by another good Samaritan who, coincidentally, had also been a nurse practitioner.

"I told the story about how I was fishing and I got a triple hook embedded deep into my hand," Gronowski said in an interview with "I was in a lot of pain and my son asked if anyone was a doctor and this guy paddles up in a kayak. He was a nurse practitioner and he surgically removed the hook from my hand. Chris looked at me and said, 'That was me.'"

Miraculously, Manacci had helped the same stranger twice in eight years.

“You just never know what the day brings you and you never know what small thing you will do that will result in a miracle,” Manacci said of the coincidence.

"The odds of that happening are astronomical. Now I know it's my job to repay this by helping someone else," Gronowski added.

Gronowski offered to take Manacci fishing, but due to his recent bouts of bad luck, Manacci suggested they do something safer and go bowling instead.

Watch the news video above, courtesy of Fox News.

CORRECTION: A headline elsewhere on the site erroneously stated that Manacci twice saved Gronowski's life and has been amended.