09/13/2012 09:33 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Cryo-Spheres' Are Basically Alcoholic Dippin' Dots (VIDEO)

Dippin' Dots -- once touted as the ice cream of the future -- is more like the ice cream of the past thanks to its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing last year, but suffice to say it still has a fondly remembered place in the minds of anyone who grew up in the 1990s.

One bar in Washington, D.C., A Bar, is capitalizing on that nostalgia with its alcoholic "cryo-spheres," which clearly resemble Dippin' Dots in shape and consistency. Except they're boozy.

Washington City Paper's Jessica Sidman caught up with Beverage Manager Brennan Adams, who divulged that the treats were originally called "Drinkin' Dots" before he received a trademark infringement letter from the company's lawyer.

For the record, Dippin' Dots is still kicking and available in a bunch of places across the country.

The effect in Adams' drink is achieved by dripping an alcoholic mixture slowly into liquid nitrogen, which freezes droplets into frozen balls.

Capitol City Eats tweeted out an up-close picture of a cryo-sphere libation (can you call it a libation if it's frozen solid?), which shows just how similar to Dippin' Dots it looks.

Capitol City File also tweeted about the drink:

Watch a video of Brennan Adams whipping up some dark chocolate tequila "cryo-spheres."



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