09/13/2012 12:39 pm ET Updated Sep 13, 2012

Actual Dating 'Advice' From The Internet's Sleaziest Pickup Artists (VIDEO)

YouTube has always been the go-to destination for video tutorials, and that's just as true for learning how to use Photoshop as it is for learning more intuitive things, like how to flirt.

We've watched hours of YouTube 'experts' explaining the best techniques for trying to pick up women. The result? This short video of the most absurd and hilarious pieces of "advice" we've ever heard.

Observe: "You want to think of yourself like the sun and the women like the flower. The flower will wilt and die if it does not have the appreciation, the heat of the sun." Inspired.

Click the video above to watch, and leave a comment to tell us if we missed a good example of a YouTuber's sage advice for wooing the fair sex.