09/13/2012 10:33 am ET

'Louie's' Women Problem

Why are all of the women on “Louie” crazy?

Over the course of its critically acclaimed third season, "Louie" has brought in a slew of recognizable and talented actresses, but the women are consistently and cartoonishly messed up/ deranged to the point where watching them elicits no empathy.

Louie, for his part, mostly stands off to the side and watches this parade of deficiency: Delores (Maria Dizzia), who freaks out at Ikea; Laurie (Melissa Leo), who threatens him with violence if he doesn't perform oral sex on her; Maria Bamford, who plays herself as a neurotic iceberg; and Nancy (Nancy Shayne), who feeds her son raw beef. Even bookstore clerk Liz, played brilliantly by Parker Posey over two episodes, doesn't make the kind of impact she might have if her character was less spastic.

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