09/13/2012 04:25 pm ET

Elizabeth Warren Channels 'The Fighter' With New Ad Narrated By Micky Ward Trainer

Taking a much tougher line against Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.), the Massachusetts democratic Senate candidate released a new ad narrated by Art Ramalho, who owns the West End Gym in Lowell where famous boxer Micky Ward trained.

"We can spot the real fighters here in this gym," says Ramalho. "And Elizabeth Warren is a real fighter."

"I don't know about Scott Brown -- he's been siding with the big-money guys. Tax cuts for millionaires, that's not going to help people around here. I think Scott Brown is with the big corporations."

"Elizabeth is different. She's fighting for people who are up against it -- working people, the middle-class. She got heart, she got guts, and she's not going to back down," he says.

Brown, who unlike Warren is from Massachusetts, has run ads that cast him as an everyman in which he praises Fenway Park and the Boston Celtics. The Brown campaign has portrayed Warren as a Harvard elitist (she is a professor at Harvard Law School) and a darling of the Occupy movement. The Warren ad plainly refutes both images specifically.

The Boston Globe reported Wednesday that Warren was facing pressure to adopt a more combative ad strategy. Brown's campaign sent out a fundraising email Thursday afternoon titled "Warren Going Negative?" Warren's ad mentions Brown by name, has a local flavor and she does not speak in it beyond endorsing the message.

Ramalho trained Ward, the Lowell boxer who Dorchester native Mark Wahlberg played in the 2010 film "The Fighter." (Ramalho also appeared in the film as himself.)

In late August, Ward told the Lowell Sun that he was going to back Brown, but called back in a half-hour and told the paper that he wasn't getting involved because of Brown's stances on unions and gay marriage.



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