09/13/2012 03:17 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

K'nex Machine: Redditor Austron Creates 'Clockwork' Contraption (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Reddit user Austron has created a more than 40,000-piece K'nex ball machine. Austron, whose real name is Austin Granger , has topped his previous records—"Clockwork," which circles his bedroom, is his "largest and most complex K'nex structure to date," Granger wrote in his video description.

Using K'nex constructions toys, the K'nex master uploaded a video showcasing is impressive eight-month endeavor. The camera follows the balls along more than 450 feet of track, spanning 21 distinct paths. The structure features eight motors, five lifts and a computer-controlled crane. Granger also captured a 250-second exposure of two illuminated balls, which are also controlled by computer, rolling through the K'nex machine.

(Image via Imgur)

While the 40,000-piece structure ranks no where near the Guinness World Record for largest K'nex ball machine -- that's held by the U.S. Space & Rocket Center's 160,000-piece T-REX -- it's still pretty amazing.

Check Granger's K'nex ball machine in action in the video above, and see his previous K'nex structures in the gallery below.

Austron's K'nex Ball Machines