09/13/2012 12:54 pm ET

Mitt Romney's Movie Club (PICTURES)

Mitt Romney has been making a valient effort to tell America who he is, but so far, he hasn't been terribly successful. But there's no need to reinvent the communication wheel. Mitt should just talk to us like regular people. For example, if he would tell us about a few of his favorite things, we'd be well on our way to discovering the real Willard Romney.

But as always, the presidential hopeful is two steps ahead of us. Not only has he made a list of his favorite movies and released it exclusively to HuffPost Comedy, he's also included his capsule review of each film. That's right, Mr. Romney is quite the movie buff. In fact, he and Paul Ryan get together for some flicks and fun every Friday night (see the entirely real slumber party photo above).

Take a look at Mitt's favs below and see if you agree with his cinematic analyses.

Mitt Movies