09/13/2012 01:06 pm ET Updated Sep 13, 2012

Phil Toman 911 Call: Cop's Girlfriend, Crystal Wilson, Commits Suicide During Call (GRAPHIC AUDIO)

A police detective, who had been shot by his girlfriend, was calmly speaking with a 911 operator — and then he heard another gunshot.

"God, I hope she didn't just shoot herself," Plantation, Fla. detective Phil Toman said on the GRAPHIC Sunday morning 911 recording that can be heard above.

"Do you believe she shot herself?" the dispatcher asked. "Well, she's not coming inside," Toman said in the audio obtained by the Sun Sentinel and other outlets.

Police said they arrived to find Toman's girlfriend, Crystal Wilson, dead in Toman's backyard from a self-inflicted gun shot.

WIOD radio reports that there's no word on what could have lead to Wilson's decision to shoot Toman and end her own life.

Local 10 has a transcript of the 911 call released by the Plantation Police.

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GRAPHIC Audio Recording Below:



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