09/14/2012 08:28 am ET

Ray Curry, Impaled By Fence Post, Tells His Story On 'I Was Impaled,' (VIDEO)

Ray Curry survived one of the most gruesome injuries imaginable in the most unimaginable way-- with the unlikely help of an air freshener.

Back in June, 2010, Curry was impaled by a 6-foot fence post when he crashed his car while driving near Newcastle in the United Kingdom and had to have it removed from his body as quickly as possible.

He survived to tell the tale on "I Was Impaled," a Discovery Fit & Health show airing Saturday nights that focuses bizarre injuries.

Curry said the hardest part may of the ordeal was seeing the reaction of his friends and family in the hospital.

"Seeing my family for the first time was quite emotional," he said on the episode. "They were crying. I never seen me nana cry."

In order to cut out the post, Dr. Steffen Plusa of the Royal Victoria Hospital in Newcastle, Great Britain, had his work cut out for him.

"When I arrived, I could see him, obviously with a severe injury," Plusa said on the episode. "He had the fence post coming out of the left side of the abdomen."

Plusa was concerned because the post could have caused all sorts of internal injuries, including damage to the abdomen, spleen, left kidney and intestines.

But Plusa also feared that removing the post could cause problems as well.

"My major concern going into the operation was that when we removed the post, it might be compressing the bleeding point and that would open up," Plusa said.

Curry's injury was already unusual, but it got stranger when Plusa got inside.

"There's a strange aroma -- a magic tree air freshener at the end of the fence post," Plusa said. "It blunted the injury and probably saved his life."

More than two years later, Curry is still amazed by the turn of events.

"How could that fence post take off that car air freshener so fast that it lodged in me body?"




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