09/13/2012 02:30 pm ET

Regis Philbin Gives Michael Strahan Advice About Co-Hosting 'Live With Kelly And Michael' (VIDEO)

Regis Philbin has plenty of TV wisdom to share with Michael Strahan, the former New York Giants star Kelly Ripa picked to be his replacement on the renamed "Live With Kelly And Michael." In an interview with "Entertainment Tonight," Regis gave Strahan advice on working with Ripa, talking football on the air and interviewing celebrity guests.

First, Regis complimented Kelly's new co-host. "I think he's a great guy ... I've known him for a long time now."

He also suggested Strahan might have a hard time talking about his favorite sport on the show. "Here's my advice to him: Don't talk football on the show. Remember when I used to talk football on a Monday after the pro games? [Executive Producer Michael Gelman] would give me the eye, one eye [would] raise up, and Kathy Lee didn't like it, and Kelly didn't like it. So, my advice to our friend Michael Strahan is, no football, ever. Don't talk about that on the show."

Regis believes it might take some time for Ripa and Strahan to perfect their on-screen chemistry. "Well, anytime you're working with a co-host, you've got to pace yourself, you've got to get in sync with them, and that comes over a period time, so he's got to be patient. I guess so does she."

"Live With Kelly And Michael" airs weekdays on ABC.

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