09/13/2012 06:57 pm ET Updated Jun 14, 2013

Walter Isaacson On The Importance of Service Corps

For the 4 million unemployed youth in America looking for work, the solution may be a service corps, said Walter Isaacson.

The CEO of the Aspen Institute, an international nonprofit committed to actionable ideas and solutions, spoke with the Huffington Post about the Institute's new focus on encouraging youth to serve America after graduation, following the HuffPost-sponsored Opportunity: What Is Working jobs panel Wednesday at the DNC.

"If everybody could come out of college -- or [be] career-ready coming out of high school -- and serve in the military, or a teacher corps, or a health corps or something like that for one or two years, then they'd be really prepared for the work force," said Isaacson.

This service-oriented approach ties into the point Isaacson -- the author of the biography Steve Jobs -- made during the RNC jobs panel a week earlier in Tampa, when he spoke about a conversation he had with Jobs about passion. "We talked about the fact that it isn't just about your damn passion -- it's about doing something larger than yourself," said Isaacson. "It's about serving this world, helping others. So if you have a whole generation of people [who've been] told, 'Oh, just follow your passion,' they're going to forget that there's some purpose in life."



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