09/14/2012 01:29 pm ET

Hartsfield-Jackson International, Atlanta Airport, Uses Sheep As Landscapers (VIDEO)

Usually animals on the airport grounds are a nuisance, but not in Atlanta. The city's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is testing a program in which 100 grazing sheep, and a couple of goats, are used to eat the invasive kudzu plant growing on airport property, reports NBC News.

"There are very few things that they turn away. They love poison ivy. They eat blackberries that have thorns. And they eat these things willingly. If they have options they will still select those types of foods," said Cash, the owner of Ewe-niversally Green and herder of the sheep, told NBC 3 in Atlanta.

The station reports that in just two days the herd has already eaten through nearly half of the waist high weeds in the lot along Riverdale Drive near the airport.

According to Fox Atlanta, the same herd was used to keep more than 40 acres of Atlanta city parks this year.

The week-long test program aims to see if the sheep can keep the area trim more cheaply and more efficiently than humanor machine landscaping, WSBTV Atlanta reports. The overgrowth is a nuisance as it affects pilots' line of sight and hides animals that can be a danger to planes.

Chicago's O'Hare International Airport is looking at trying the tactic out with goats. In the past, goats have been used at San Francisco International Airport to clean up dry grasses that pose a fire hazard, reports NBC News. And, according to the Seattle Post Intelligencer‎, goat landscaping has also been tried at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.



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