09/14/2012 07:58 am ET

'Big Brother' Eviction: Dan Is Playing The Game Of His Life! (VIDEO)

It was easily the most genuine reaction of the summer. Danielle's jaw literally dropped at the conclusion of the eviction ceremony on Thursday's "Big Brother" episode. She'd secured her spot in the Final Three by taking the latest HOH competition. She put up her former coach, Dan, alongside Ian for eviction.

But Dan has proven himself the smoothest talker to perhaps ever play the game, and worked his magic again. He convinced Danielle to pull him off the block and put up her boyfriend Shane. Dan assured her that Shane was safe, and so she assured Shane that he was safe when letting him in on the plan.

What she didn't now was that Dan had been trying to get rid of Shane for awhile. With only four people in the house, the person who isn't up for elimination gets the sole vote to evict, and once Danielle used the POV on Dan, the power was his.

With this power, he sent Shane packing, stunning everyone in the house. Ian was certain he was a dead houseguest walking. Danielle, though, felt completely betrayed by Dan yet again. How many times has he lied to her face, and then smoothed it over to keep her by his side? Perhaps, though, Dan is aware at this point that he can't win because, as HitFix suggested, he may have too much blood on his hands. So if he can't win it, why not his "player"?

This time, he said he booted Shane to help her win the game by assuring her Shane's vote from the jury house. Could he be telling the truth? Unlikely, considering he's been talking to the cameras about all the work he's doing to take home the top prize for himself.

Tune in for the aftermath, and the final HOH competition of the season, on Sunday at 8 p.m ET, and then find out who wins it all next Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. ET on CBS.

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