09/14/2012 08:01 pm ET

Cheryl Leitner Home Burglarized: U.S. Paralympian Robbed While Competing In London (VIDEO)

After spending two weeks in London competing in the 2012 Paralympics, Cheryl Leitner returned to the United States to find her home had been burglarized.

The 29-year-old wheelchair racer had money, jewelry and mementos from her trips to the 2004 and 2008 Paralympics stolen from her home in Toms River, NJ. As reported by The Associated Press, Cheryl's mother first discovered the burglarized home on Sept. 9.

Sandy Kipp, Leitner's mother, told WABC that three-time Paralympian was "heartbroken" to find their home broken into and said "they jumped the fence, kicked the door in and immediately knew where to go."

Per WABC, police suspect that an addict with connections to the family, along with her boyfriend, is behind the burglary.

Leitner competed in the Women's 100m and finished fifth with a season-best time of 21.64. She also competed in the Women's 200m.

"It’s stuff that I could pass down when I have kids and they can be proud of me and be happy. Now I can't," Cheryl told the Asbury Park Press.