09/14/2012 07:55 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Shena Hardin, Ohio Driver, Passes School Bus On Sidewalk (VIDEO)

If a school bus sign is out and flashing, that just means you pass it on the other side, right? No? Better just drive down the sidewalk, then.

Sounds bizarre, but that seems to be the logic of Shena Hardin, a 38-year-old driver in Cleveland, Ohio.

Upset at the amount of time it took to assist a student with disabilities onto a bus each morning, WKYC reports Hardin came up with a unique solution. No, not by finding a new route to drive every morning, and certainly not by leaving the house 5 minutes early. Instead, she opted to pass the bus by driving on the sidewalk.

"The bus, for some reason, takes an inordinate amount of time talking to the parent or whatever everyday, but he takes forever," Hardin's mom (and passenger), Toni defended her daughter's driving to News Channel 5.

"While he's doing all that we're waiting trying to get through. Now this morning, she was late she was trying to get her daughter to school, the reason for going around and going to the side was to give that bus plenty of room."

Hardin says the sidewalk route was a one-time occurrence, but video shot by the school bus driver proves otherwise.

She'd driven on the sidewalk enough times for the driver to document it, alert police, and set up a sting. And the mother of the child with disabilities told News Channel 5 the driver had been doing it "all last school year," when they had a different bus driver.

As a result of the sting, FOX8 reports the woman was pulled over and cited.

WATCH the bus driver's full YouTube video of the encounter:



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