09/14/2012 12:07 pm ET Updated Sep 14, 2012

'The Inbetweeners' Exclusive Preview: If Will Can't Get A Date, He'll Buy One (VIDEO)

Now that "The Inbetweeners" has had a few episodes to find its footing, the charmingly irreverent MTV adaptation is venturing into original episodes, no longer relying on the British version's storylines to guide it. Though the comedy intends to pay homage to its predecessor with nods to some of the UK show's concepts, the stars promise that the best is yet to come.

"Now it’s really becoming our own show, especially by season’s end, so I’m really excited for fans to see that. My favorite episodes are coming up," Joey Pollari (who plays geeky newcomer Will) told us on the red carpet at the "Awkward" finale party.

"At this point, I think everything we do that involves a [UK] original is just an idea," Zack Pearlman (the pathologically dishonest Jay) agreed, using the memorable "RV club" episode of the British version as an example of how they'll take a familiar plot in a new direction. Pearlman also shared that "Inbetweeners" creator Iain Morris hopped across the pond to direct the US version's season finale, further strengthening the bond between the shows.

As for next week's episode (Mon., Sept 17 at 10:30 p.m.), Pollari previewed Will's latest scheme for trying to get a date: "The guys get involved in a slave auction, a senior slave auction, and it goes great," he quipped.

"It is the worst possible thing we could do," Pearlman agreed. "Also, in the next episode, Mark L. Young [Neil] does something … we literally had to take five minutes because everyone was laughing so hard. We were doing these cutaways to Neil where he would do something different every time, and what ended up in the show was one of the funniest things he did, which actually made us all break. It is unbelievable."

Check out our exclusive preview for next week's episode, and tell us what you think of the US "Inbetweeners" in the comments.

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