09/14/2012 09:14 am ET

Juanes Will Manage Newspaper, El Tiempo, For A Day, Shakira And Miguel Bose Appearing As Guest Columnists

For one special day, Colombian superstar Juanes is taking over his country's leading newspaper, El Tiempo, with fellow music stars Shakira and Miguel Bose confirmed as contributing columnists.

According to Colombia Reports, this edition of the paper will be released on September 23rd in commemoration of the United Nation's “International Day of Peace,” which takes place on September 21.

Roberto Pombo, director of El Tiempo, told The Delta World he was inspired by a 2006 rendition of English newspaper, The Independent, which was guest edited by U2's Bono.

“It seemed like an interesting message and a symbol to give an artist management of the newspaper for one day."

Juanes will prepare for the special edition over two weeks, telling Spanish-language Argentine news site La Voz, that the special edition "will have all sections focused on the theme of peace, from economy, culture, religion and politics, and reaffirming the wonderful work that many Colombians are doing, who believe in peace and are rebuilding the country... It won't be something by hippies, it will be very grounded with important columnists who've been active in the issue of peace around the world."

Global superstar Shakira and Spanish icon Miguel Bosé have not disclosed what their columns will be about.

Pombo told Colombia Reports that he chose Juanes because he "has a purposeful vision, is optimistic, inclusive and hopeful."



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