09/14/2012 06:28 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lady Gaga Invites Young Tumblr Artist Helen Green To Join Haus Of Gaga (VIDEO)

Mostly when Lady Gaga makes headlines, it's because of something the avant-garde singer did herself. It hasn't been days since the pop provocateur shaved her head and tattooed a cherub on it in front of an audience. But today Gaga took the back seat to a 20-year-old sketch artist named Helen Green.

The budding UK talent has a Tumblr dedicated to Gaga sketches in all their pop-art glory, perfectly capturing her glamazon pout and bold sartorial choices. While many other caricatures focus solely on resemblance, Greens' capture that beautiful messiness that embodies Gaga's freaky-cool persona—the artist once referenced contemporary portraitist Elizabeth Peyton as an influence. Gaga spotted Green's fan art and went bezerk, tweeting to her 29 million followers a desire to meet the masked artiste. "Monsters who made this? I'm obsessed" she tweeted on February 9th.

Once Gaga found Green, she invited her to meet backstage at her Born This Way Ball. Though this may sound dreamy in itself, the wonder increased exponentially when Gaga invited Green to join Haus of Gaga, the team responsible for Gaga's outrageous hair and costumes. "Welcome to the Haus of Gaga my angel of an artist," Gaga tweeted. She also declared her love by using a Green sketch as her Twitter backdrop.

We guess this is what Green meant when she told Love Art Music Baby "I think her fans are so loyal to her because she's loyal to them and respects them.” She continued, “I think she's inspired people of all ages to accept themselves for who they are and be stronger, braver people." Helen, you've inspired us as well!

See Green's work below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section