09/14/2012 07:47 am ET Updated Sep 14, 2012

'Louie': Chris Rock Goes Behind Louie's Back For That 'Late Show' Gig (VIDEO)

"Louie" continued its multi-part epic involving Louie's likely-doomed foray into late night television. This week, he was reluctantly and uncertainly starting to take the steps toward that test pilot as the host of "Late Show with Louie C.K." But he was also sharing perhaps a bit too much, considering he'd signed a confidentiality agreement about David Letterman's impending retirement.

Telling his ex-wife was one thing, as she has a personal stake in his future, considering their children. But he didn't deny it when Jay Leno came calling -- and advising him not to take it. And then he shared it with his friend, Chris Rock.

Chris was supportive, but as soon as Louie left to go on another bizarre errand for the gig, Chris was on the phone and talking about it. By the end of the episode, the rumors of Letterman's retirement had come out, and Rock's name was in the ring as a possible replacement.

This probably won't end well.

Find out as "Louie" continues each Thursday at 10:30 p.m. ET on FX.

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