09/14/2012 01:35 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Reddit Proposal: User Proposes To Girlfriend Janalee On Reddit (UPDATED)

On Thursday, Reddit user JustToPropose asked girlfriend Janalee for her hand in marriage in a post on the forum-based site.

UPDATE: Janalee has commented on the Reddit thread, and she said yes to the proposal. Congrats!


"My girlfriend is a Reddit Lurker so I hope she will see this. Janalee, I love you. You are the best part of my life, I couldnt [sic] imagine being without you and our daughter. Will you marry me?" JustToPropose wrote.

Several commenters left words of congratulations and encouragement for the user and Janalee before the post was removed by moderators. JustToPropose, we hope this article helps Janalee see your message! Check out the screenshot of the post below. (JustToPropose was using what's known as a "throwaway" account: a temporary username through which users can ask personal or secretive questions, and in this case, propose, without displaying their posts to their regular Redditing friends.)


The Internet has assisted many prospective fiancᅢᄅs with popping the question, including a proposal in December 2011 in which a man used popular internet memes to pop the question. In August, a YouTube user asked viewers to interact with his video and help decide how his proposal should pan out.

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