09/14/2012 01:43 pm ET

'Yukon Men': Hunter George Roberts Goes Missing (VIDEO)

Discovery's "Yukon Men" is a reality show that chronicles the rugged lives of hunters in the remote town of Tanana, Alaska. And in this clip from the Fri., Sept. 14 episode, the community of 200 people learns just how dangerous the frigid wilderness can be when a hunter named George Roberts goes missing.

The villagers spring into action, forming a search party to find their comrade, but the situation looks bleak. "We got a friend out on a river that didn't show up back in town last night. He was out hunting and ice was breaking up here and there ... There's all sorts of confusion right now," one hunter says.

As his friends search the river for his snow machine, they begin to consider everything that could have gone wrong. "A lot of times, people go missing and the outcome is wonderful and you find them alive. But there's many different ways he can drown on the river in the spring ... You could hit your head, go under the ice, you could get too tired and drown. The water's so cold you could get hypothermia," another member of the search party worries.

Tune in to "Yukon Men" Friday nights at 10 p.m. ET on Discovery to see how the search unfolds.



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