09/15/2012 01:09 pm ET Updated Aug 02, 2013

Michael Lohan On Lindsay's Theft Case: 'I Cleared It Up'

The Lohan family isn't one to shy away from any publicity -- good or bad, it seems -- but these days Michael Lohan wants to clear up the confusion surrounding the theft case his daughter, Lindsay Lohan, was linked to last month.

"I kind of broke that case," Michael told Zap2it. "I spoke to the owner of the house myself and I cleared it up."

Lindsay was questioned by police and later named as a formal suspect after several luxury items -- $100,000 worth of sunglasses and watches -- were reported missing from the Hollywood Hills home of Sam Magid. Lindsay, along with her brother, Cody, and some other guests, including Suge Knight's son, Andrew Knight, were at Magid's house for a party when the alleged theft took place.

According to TMZ, Lindsay maintained her innocence and blamed the theft on Andrew. However, Magid recanted his initial report, later telling police nothing had been stolen. The D.A. later dropped the case entirely. (You can see a whole timeline of the incident here.)

"[The owner] told me nothing was stolen," Michael told Zap2it. "And then one thing led to another with Suge Knight's son. I called Suge Knight up and I said 'What's going on here?' And he said 'My son had nothing to do with it and from what I understand neither did your daughter.'"

Lindsay is no stranger to theft cases, and Michael wants to clear her name.

"I'm not sticking up for her when she's wrong, or myself," he continued. "When you do things you have to pay a price. But when you're right, you're right, and people don't publicize that part."

Last month, Michael spoke to The Huffington Post about Lindsay's involvement in the case, telling Rob Shuter, "This is a sick witch hunt.”

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