09/16/2012 06:00 pm ET

Animal Photos Of The Week

In animal news this week, a new list from the International Union for Conservation of Nature and the Zoological Society of London details the 100 most threatened species in the world. With species in 48 countries across the world, the list includes both plants and fungi along with animals.

Environmentalists filed a lawsuit in federal court this week seeking protection for two species of Arctic ice seals. The Center for Biological Diversity suit says "the National Marine Fisheries Service has illegally delayed listings for the ringed seal and the bearded seal," reported Reuters.

If you're a fan of watching puppies live on CorgiCam but are more of cat person, check out the KittenCam. With a live, 24/7 stream of four kittens and their mother, there's no shortage of cuteness. The cam is streamed by the Pet Collective, a group which is "very committed" to "helping dogs, cats and other pets who need homes," according to the group.

In case you missed it this week, check out these images of animals stealing marshmallows. They may not be as cute, but be sure to check out these real-life angry birds.

Find some of this week's best animal photos below:

Animal Photos Of The Week 9/16/12