09/16/2012 02:15 pm ET Updated Sep 16, 2012

David Gregory Clarifies Netanyahu 'Leader Of The Jewish People' Comment

NEW YORK -- "Meet the Press" host David Gregory referred to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as the "leader of the Jewish people" Sunday when questioning him about Mitt Romney's suggestion that the Obama administration "has thrown Israel under the bus."

Gregory's description of Netanyahu, which discounts the fact that there are non-Jewish people who live in Israel and Jewish people who live outside of it, didn't go unnoticed online and on Twitter.

TPM's Josh Marshall called attention to it in a post with the headline, "Gregory Declares Bibi King of the Jews."

"Happy New Year!" tweeted New York's Frank Rich, referencing Rosh Hashanah. "On #MTP this a.m., David Gregory takes it on himself to crown Netanyahu 'leader of the Jewish people.'"

On Sunday afternoon, Gregory took to Twitter himself to clarify his earlier description.

"This am I called Israeli PM the leader of the jewish ppl," Gregory tweeted. "Better to say he's leader of jewish state."

"Didn't mean to imply all jews believe he represents them," Gregory continued in a second tweet.

HuffPost's Jen Bendery has more on Netanyahu's appearance Sunday.



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