09/16/2012 11:35 am ET Updated Sep 16, 2012

'That Was Then, This Is Now': Health Advice From People Who Know

We eat our veggies and pack in a morning workout, but all of us -- all of us -- have at least one bad health behavior. For yoga guru Elena Brower, it was the secret smoking habit that didn't fit her healthy living vocation. Meanwhile, Kristen Gillibrand, an avid racket sports enthusiast, found herself packing on the pounds while raising two young children.

How did these women turn their behavior around? Hard won wellness lessons that they shared with Whole Living as part of a feature in the current issue on changing our worst health habits. So whether you're smoke or simply don't drink enough water, eat enough fresh produce or move around as much as you should, the key is to listen to yourself -- and maybe some of those who've been there before.

Here, some healthy, strong women in their own words:

Wellness Advice From Strong Women