09/16/2012 12:03 pm ET

Top Local Health Nonprofit Of The Month (VOTE)

When a medical emergency strikes, sometimes relying solely on doctors and hospitals isn’t enough.

A patient battling a rare illness needs a community of survivors. A poor family desperate to fly out for lifesaving surgery needs money for plane tickets. A child who can’t afford dental care, needs someone to step in before the condition gets worse.

This month, we salute the local nonprofits, who bring critical health care and support to people in need, and call on you to choose the very best one. Here are the top 10 contenders, put together by, with reviews and testimonies from real patients who have benefitted from their help.

Think one of these organizations takes top prize? Cast your vote below for the nonprofit you think is doing the most inspiring work.

DIRECTIONS: In the slideshow below, give any nonprofit you feel is deserving 1-5 stars. The nonprofit with the most stars at the end of the month wins the title of HuffPost Top Local Nonprofit of the Month.