09/16/2012 01:35 pm ET Updated Sep 16, 2012

Tyrone Copeland Jr., 3-Year-Old Delaware Boy, Helps Save Aunt During Seizure

Tyrone Copeland Jr., a 3-year-old in Wilmington, Del., is being credited with helping save his aunt after she had a seizure while they were playing in a local park last week, according to CBS Philadelphia and The News Journal.

As WPVI-TV's Chad Pradelli reports in the video below, Tyrone's aunt, Deneene Copeland, began fading in and out of consciousness while they were in a playground on Thursday. Tyrone, realizing something was wrong, ran crying across the park to tell two strangers that his aunt was having a seizure.

"His exact words were 'she was laying there and she'd had a seizure and her mouth was closed, and she didn't open her eyes.' He said she wasn't moving," Paula Thomas, one of the people Tyrone ran up to, told WPVI-TV.

The News Journal notes that the youngster was able to give paramedics and police officers his aunt's name as well as his own name and address when they arrived.

This isn't the first time a toddler has gone to extraordinary measures to come to the aid of a relative having a seizure. Last October, Lia Vega, a two-year-old Houston girl, used a cellphone to call her grandmother when her mom had a seizure and collapsed. According to KHOU, the little girl had never been taught how to use the phone.

Last weekend, Patrick Canney, a 12-year-old boy in Massachusetts, steered the car to safety when his dad had a seizure and collapsed while driving on Interstate 95.

WPVI-TV's Chad Pradelli spoke to Tyrone, Deneene and the boy's father, Tyrone Sr., so click over to 6ABC or watch the video below to hear what they had to say.