09/17/2012 10:54 am ET Updated Sep 17, 2012

Amer Meqdadi, Truck Driver, Gets $4,600 Parking Ticket

What does it take to rack up a $4,600 parking ticket? One Georgia truck driver learned the hard way.

Amer Meqdadi was parked illegally at a Carlisle, Penn. shopping center when he was handed fines totaling more than $4,600, WHTM reported. Police wrote up the ticket after discovering Meqdadi was responsible for an accident in the parking lot as well as a series of other violations.

After discovering that the 32-year-old driver had parked his truck illegally in the shopping center, police also realized the vehicle was spewing out motor oil and antifreeze, which began leaking after Meqdadi reportedly hit a pole in the lot, according to WHTM. On top of that, officers found "an outdated log book, a false record of duty, and tire violations that placed the truck out of service and required that it be towed," according to WHTM.

This fine might seem hefty, but others have accrued worse when it comes to parking tickets.

An Italian woman was issued a $44,500 parking ticket when Sicily cops wrongly dated the ticket with the year "208" instead of "2008." The fine should have only been for $144.

Toronto's most expensive parking ticket belongs to Dr. Anna Marie Arenson, a radiologist who insisted defective parking meters were to blame for her $31 ticket in 2007, according to the National Post. The ticket ballooned into a $70,537 fine when Arenson lost the class-action lawsuit she filed on behalf of aggrieved motorists and was ordered to pay the city's legal bill.

In Chicago, one parking ticket led to a $1.5 million loss for four cops.

In 2006, Chicago police officer Robert Reid received a $50 parking ticket on his minivan while responding to a call, NBC Chicago reported. He and three other officers tried to dispute the ticket with Traffic Management Authority supervisor Jacqueline Fegan. When she refused to waive the fine, the officers handcuffed her and threw her into the police car, allegedly injuring her wrist. Fegan sued for false arrest, false imprisonment, battery, civil conspiracy and intentional infliction of emotional distress and won. The case resulted in a whopping $1.5 million fine for the cops.

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